Originally herlading from Texas, Libba Bray admits to an unhealthy diet of British comedy, a crush on Clive Owen, and an addiction to coffee and chocolate to get her through the long days of writing.  Having grown up with a father who was a minister, he later died of AIDs from his relatonship with a man during the 70s.  Her sensitivity to this subject can be easily seen through characters of both old works and new.  She first reached the New York Times Besteller list with the Teen historical fiction work, A Great and Terrible Beauty, an has gone on to win many awards for the subsequent works in the trilogy as well as Going Bovine, a twilight-zone style work in which many universes manage to collide.  Her latest feat is Beauty Queens, which is yet to be released.

Libba now lives in New York wth her husband/manager Barry and their son Josh.