Page 3. " It was growing colder when I left the woods behind the Spence Academy for Young Ladies. "

Spence Academy for Young Ladies
Public DomainSpence Academy for Young Ladies

Here is an image of how Spence Academy is described in Libba Bray's novels. This is just to give you an illustration in your mind of how the setting looks throughout most of the novel!

Page 3. " For several miles, I traveled under cover of the Gypsy caravan. "

Kartik is travelling with the gypsy caravan; here is an example of what one may look like.

Page 4. " By the light of the fire, I read several passages from my only book, The Odyssey, hoping to gain courage from the trials of that hero. "

The Odyssey is a Greek Epic poem written by Homer. The poem is about the Greek hero Odysseus and his travels home after the fall of Troy. He becomes a hero because of the trials he overcomes, such as blinding the Cyclops, and Kartik wants to gain courage from the tales of his accomplishments.

Page 4. " As I stumbled among the crowds of Covent Garden, the smell of eel pie, hot and salty, nearly drove me mad with hunger. "

This is Covent Garden in London, England. This is what it looks like now-a-days, but try to imagine it back in the 1800's, with all the little stalls and shops lining the roads and the smell of freshly cooked food wafting in the air!

Covent Garden
Public DomainCovent Garden

Page 16. " A swarm of girls of various ages, from six to seventeen, breaks out into spontaneous caroling, entreating God to rest ye merry gentlemen. "

Here is the song, "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlmen", a Christmas carol!

Page 18. " In their party, I suppose, is a certain young man from Bombay with large brown eyes, full lips, and my father's cricket bat. "
Here is a map of India, just so you can see the exact location of Bombay (it is also known as Mumbai and is marked in violet on this map).
Page 25. " the distance, the church bell tolls, announcing that it is time for vespers. "

Public DomainVespers
Vespers are the evening prayer service for the Catholic faith. The girls in the boarding school attend them each night.