Page 34. " She looks about the place, taking in the snake chandelier, the ornate carvings of nymphs and centaurs here and there. "
Public DomainNymphs
Nymphs are creatures from Greek mythology. They were believed to pose themselves as beautiful, young maidens who lured men to them with their song.



Centaurs are also mythological creatures who have the body of a horse but the torso and head of a human. They are believed to be strong creatures and are known as warriors. 


Page 34. " I fly on tiptoe down the hall and take refuge behind a potted fern resting on a wooden stand, watching them from the cover of those mammoth leaves. "

Potted Fern
Public DomainPotted Fern
Gemma hid behind something bigger than this, but here is a fern plant!

Page 37. " Winter floral arrangements of poinsettias and feathery ferns in silver vases dot every fourth place setting. "

Here is what the poinsettia arrangements could have looked like. How beautiful!

Page 40. " But when she opens her mouth to sing, Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming, her voice, clear and beautiful and powerful, silences every critic. "

Here is a sample of the song that Ann sings in this chapter!

Page 41. " She's wearing a delicate bracelet of golden ivy, no doubt an early gift from her grandfather, who is rumored to be wealthier than the Queen. "

Here is what golden ivy could have looked like.

Page 45. " I cannot possibly loose you upon an unsuspecting London like the Hounds of Hades. "

Hounds of Hades
Public DomainHounds of Hades
The Hound of Hades, also known as Cerberus, the three-headed dog, was a vicious guardian of the Gates of Hades. A cruel animal that prevented anyone from entering or leaving the underworld without permission.

Page 48. " She's got her new fox-fur muff to show off, so she is quite happy. "

Fox-fur Muff
Public DomainFox-fur Muff
Here is what Felicity's muff may look like; this is what women used in the 1800's to keep their hands warm.