Page 131. " how to go from those points to the Place Pigalle "

Place Pigalle
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikePlace Pigalle - Credit: Jean-Alexis AUFAUVRE
The Place Pigalle is a public square in Paris, named after Jean-Baptiste Pigalle. It is situated near Sacré-Coeur Basilica, between the Boulevard de Clichy and Boulevard de Rochechouart.


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Page 131. " began around St. Germain des Prés and extended southeast "

St. Germain des Prés is an area around the church of the former Abbey of Saint Germain des Prés in Paris, on the left bank of the Seine. The area has many bars and cafés, and was considered the centre of the existentialist movement.


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Page 131. " as far as the Café Dome "

Opening its doors in 1898, Le Dôme Café was the first in the circle of cafés that became popularised by the artists and intellectuals of the Left Bank. It soon earned itself the reputation as the 'Anglo-American café'.

A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway on Book Drum

Page 131. " this latter knowledge was based more on his reading of The Sun Also Rises "

Fiesta, or The Sun Also Rises (1926), was the first novel by Ernest Hemingway, and is often considered his best. It tells the story of a group of British and American hedonists in Paris and Spain, and paints a picture of decadent parties and exotic bullfights.

Ernest Hemingway on Book Drum


Page 133. " a copy of Babar the Elephant for the children "
Babar the Elephant, created by Jean de Brunhoff, first appeared in 1931. Babar, a young elephant, leaves the jungle in search of the city, and brings back civilization to his fellow elephants. The character has since appeared in a number of films and an animated TV series, and has been translated into English.



Page 137. " penthouse apartments in the vicinity of Sutton Place "
Sutton Place
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeSutton Place - Credit: Roy Googin

Sutton Place is one of the most affluent streets in Manhattan, between Midtown and the Upper East Side. The street only spans two blocks (57th-59th street), and runs along the East River.


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Page 137. " tartan kilts that came from Bergdorf Goodman "

Bergdorf Goodman
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeBergdorf Goodman - Credit: Christopherpeterson
Bergdorf Goodman is a department store, selling primarily  luxury goods, situated on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York.

It was founded by Herman Bergdorf in 1899 and owned and managed by Edwin Goodman.

Page 138. " his mother's tearful arguments for Princeton or Williams "

Princeton is an Ivy League University situated in Princeton, New Jersey. It is a private research university specialising in the humanities, social and natural sciences and engineering.

Roger Williams University is a private liberal arts university situated in Bristol, Rhode Island. Established in 1956, it is the only law school in Rhode Island and one of the few colleges in the United States that offers a degree in Marine Biology.

Page 138. " "On the G.I. Bill," he had always explained "

The G.I. Bill was set up to provide college or vocational training and one year of unemployment compensation for World War II veterans (General Infantrymen). In addition, many different loans were provided to enable veterans to purchase houses and start up businesses.

Page 139. " they moved with the authority of places like Bennington and Holyoke "

Bennington is a town in Vermont. It is the largest town in the south of the state, and is home to the tallest structure in Vermont: the Bennington Battle Monument.


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Holyoke is a city in Massachusetts, next to the Connecticut River. It was one of the first planned industrial communities.


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Page 139. " for a drive to a snow-bound New England inn "
New England is a region of the northeastern U.S.A. It consists of the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont and Rhode Island.
Page 141. " it helped him on the way to a Silver Star "

The Silver Star is awarded to a member of the United States Armed Forces for showing bravery and courage in the face of the enemy. It is the third highest US military decoration for valour, after the Medal of Honor and the Service Crosses.

It is a gold five-pointed star with the phrase "For gallantry in action" inscribed on the back. 

Page 141. " a field commission at twenty-one? "

A field commission is a temporary promotion to the officer ranks, which usually occurs when other available leaders are incapacitated.

Page 150. " pinned on the shoulder of his Eisenhower jacket "
An Eisenhower jacket is a shortened military coat that terminates in a waistband. It is usually made of heavy wool serge.