Page 152. " Beginning in Westchester, moving gradually north into Putnam County "

Westchester County is situated at the southeastern tip of the state of New York. It was named after the city of Chester, England. To the south of Westchester are New York City and Long Island Sound, to the north is Putnam County; to the east is Connecticut and the Hudson River is to the west. The largest city is Yonkers.


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Page 153. " children ran tricycles against her shins and spilled Kool-Aid on her dress "

Kool-Aid is an American brand of powdered flavored drink mix, manufactured in Mexico. It is owned by the Kraft Foods Company and was invented by Edwin Perkins, after much experimentation in his mother's kitchen. The original seven flavors of Kool-Aid were Cherry, Grape, Lemon-lime, Orange, Raspberry, Strawberry and Root Beer.

Page 153. " past fragrant flowerbeds to her fine old Colonial door. "

Colonial refers to an architectural style that is reminiscent of the style prevalent just before and during the Revolution in American Colonies.

Page 153. " the first glimpse of the Currier and Ives print that hung above the charming old umbrella stand "

Currier and Ives was an American printmaking firm, based in New York City from 1834 to 1907. Headed by Nathaniel Currier and James Meritt Ives, the firm enjoyed much success, turning prints of paintings by reputable artists into black and white lithographs that were hand coloured quickly and inexpensively. 

Page 153. " a piece of Woolworth jewelry to keep his tie clamped flat "

The F.W. Woolworth Company was founded in 1879 and was one of the original American five-and-dime stores. It has since grown to be one of the largest retail companies in the world. It originally sold general merchandise at prices that undercut local merchants. It was one of the first retailers to display stock for the public to handle without the supervision of a sales assistant.

Page 155. " nothing to do but rearrange the papers on her rosewood desk "
Chess pieces made from Rosewood
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeChess pieces made from Rosewood - Credit: Jud McCranie
Rosewood is the term used to refer to a number of richly hued timbers that are usually brown with dark veining. Rosewood is a heavy, strong material, used to make furniture, guitars and flooring amongst other things. 
Page 156. " a soaring phrase of Beethoven on the kitchen radio "
Public DomainBeethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) was a German composer and pianist, considered a key figure in the transition from the Classical to the Romantic era and one of the most influential composers in musical history.

His musical achievements are remarkable, as he is believed to have lost his hearing early in his career.


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Page 157. " She went on talking while he put down his Herald Tribune "

The International Herald Tribune is a daily English language broadsheet newspaper. It is printed at 35 sites around the world and distributed in more that 180 countries. It draws on its own correspondents as well as those of The New York Times.

Page 158. " catching fireflies in Mason jars "
Mason jar
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeMason jar - Credit: Jonathunder
A Mason jar is a glass jar, invented in 1858, used to preserve food. Mason jars come in a variety of sizes, and are made of soda-lime glass with an inner metal or glass lid covered by a screw-on ring to create a vacuum.
Page 162. " was making his way through the World-Telegram and Sun "

The World-Telegram and Sun (previously known as The New York World-Telegram) was a New York City newspaper, in circulation between 1931 and 1966.

Page 163. " A twelve-year-old boy in South Bend, Indiana "

South Bend is a city on the St. Joseph river. It is the fourth largest city in Indiana and home of the University of Notre Dame, which is largely responsible for the city's tourism.


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Page 165. " they were tough and knuckled with bunions "

Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeBunion - Credit: Dr Henri Lelièvre
A bunion is an enlargement of bone or tissue where the foot joins the big toe, causing the big toe to turn inward. It leads to swelling, which is often painful. 

Page 170. " the bank, whose Muzac system was playing "Holiday for Strings," "

Muzac, or Muzak (elevator music), is background music played  in shopping malls, department stores, telephone systems and elevators. It is often an instrumental arrangement of popular music.

"Holiday for Strings" was composed by the American songwriter David Rose.

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Page 172. " to accompany a group of prize-winning salesmen on a trip to Bermuda "

Creative Commons AttributionBermuda - Credit: djonemore, Flickr
Bermuda is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean, off the east coast of the United States. It has a subtropical climate and is the oldest and most populous British overseas territory.


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