Page 36. " The tool, whatever obstinate thing it was, chisel or gouge or brace-and-bit "
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeChisel - Credit: Jaques

A chisel is a sharp-bladed tool used for carving hard materials such as wood, metal or stone, often in conjunction with a driving force such as a hammer. A gouge is a type of chisel used with wood.

A "brace-and-bit", or brace, is usually used to drill holes in wood by applying pressure to the top of the tool while rotating the body.

Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeBrace-and-bit - Credit: Securiger


Page 37. " nodding to sleep over the Reader's Digest "

Reader's Digest is a family magazine, first issued in 1922. Headquartered in New York, it now has international editions in various languages. It features general interest articles, and is issued each month.

It has the highest circulation for a paid magazine in the world.

Page 38. " anything in the novels of Evelyn Waugh "

Arthur Evelyn Waugh (1903-1966) was an English writer who specialised in darkly satirical novels that often portrayed the lives of the British aristocracy. He also wrote travel pieces, short stories and biographies.


Evelyn Waugh on Book Drum

Brideshead Revisited on Book Drum


Page 38. " He could picture them only as flickering caricatures of the twenties, the Playboy and the Flapper "

A Playboy in this sense was a man who enjoyed numerous liaisons with women but never settled down with any of them. He might also be known as a Ladies' Man or Rake.

A Flapper was a 1920s woman who pushed the boundaries of what was deemed acceptable behaviour at that time. Flappers often wore brash makeup, smoked, drank and defied sexual norms.


Both species feature in The Great Gatsby. 

The Great Gatsby on Book Drum

Page 39. " with the inscription Cannes, 1925 "
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCannes - Credit: Christophe.Finot
Cannes is one of the best known cities on the French Riviera, and has long been a popular tourist destination. The Cannes Film Festival takes place here every year.


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Page 47. " They were standing on Sixth Avenue in the middle of the night "

Sixth Avenue, also known as Avenue of the Americas, is located in Manhattan, New York City. It stretches from Central Park South through Soho, Greenwich Village and Chelsea, with the traffic running northbound.


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Page 47. " after a trip to City Hall and back "

New York City Hall
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeNew York City Hall - Credit: Momos
New York City Hall was constructed in 1811, making it the oldest in the US. It is situated at the centre of City Hall Park in Manhattan.

It is a National Historic Landmark and houses various governmental functions, including the New York City Council and the Mayor's office.