Page 278. " you'll find Robert Hall's entire stock of men's walk shorts and sport jeans drastically reduced "

Robert Hall Clothes, Inc. was an American clothing retailer, founded in 1937. Known for its warehouse-like stores, the retailer was based in Connecticut and had stores concentrated in Los Angeles and New York. The company went bankrupt in 1977, resulting in the inventory being auctioned off and the stores closed.

Page 281. " The pictures included a faithfully rendered likeness of Donald Duck "

Donald Duck
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeDonald Duck - Credit: sylvar, Flickr
Donald Duck is a Walt Disney cartoon character who made his first appearance in 1934. He is known for his fiery temper and is easily provoked.

He is the third most popular cartoon character of all time.



Page 283. " circle of grass that enclosed the twin white shafts of the State and American flags "

The Flag of the State of Connecticut depicts a white shield with three grapevines on a blue background. The writing on the banner reads "Qui Transtulit Sustinet", which means "He who transplanted still sustains".


The American Flag shows thirteen horizontal red stripes, alternating with white, representing the thirteen colonies that rebelled against the British monarchy, and fifty white, five-pointed stars, representing the fifty states.


Page 294. " playing clangorous jukebox records "
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeJukebox - Credit: Frederic Pasteleurs
A jukebox is a coin-operated device that plays songs from self-contained media. Songs are selected using the buttons on the jukebox.
Page 297. " one of these monstrous great things like the Univac "

Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeUnivac - Credit: Stefan Kögl
The UNIVAC was the first commercial computer to be produced in the US, and the first computer designed for business and administrative use.

It was designed by J. Presper Eckhert and John Mauchly.