Page 54. " looking through the magazine section of the Times "

The New York Times is a daily broadsheet newspaper, first published in 1851. the newspaper comprises various sections: News, Business, Arts, Science, Features (including a magazine), Sport and Style.

It is the third most popular newspaper in the United States.

Page 59. " this Oppenheimer business "

J. Robert Oppenheimer was a 20th century American physicist, and the scientific director of the Manhattan Project (the World War II effort to develop the first nuclear weapons).

His work has contributed to modern ideas on stars and black holes as well as the theory of quantum mechanics.

Page 59. " The cancerous growth of Senator McCarthy "

Joseph McCarthy was a US Republican Senator from 1947 to 1957. He was a vigorous anti-communist who led extensive witch hunts against supposed communists in positions of power or influence in the USA. The term 'McCarthyism' came to describe anti-communist activities.

McCarthy was eventually censured by the United States Senate as he was frequently unable to validate his accusations.  

Page 59. " the elusive but endlessly absorbing subject of Conformity "

Conformity is the process by which an individual changes their beliefs or behaviour in order to fit in with a social group. It is a type of social influence involving a change in response to real group pressure (involving the physical presence of others) or imagined group pressure (involving the pressure of social expectations).

Page 59. " or Madison Avenue "

Madison Avenue is located in Manhattan, New York City, and runs from Madison Square to Madison Avenue Bridge. The avenue carries northbound one-way traffic from 23rd Street to 135th Street.

It has traditionally been the heart of the New York advertising industry, hence the TV series, Mad Men.


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Page 60. " There'll be a woman with blue hair and wooden beads who met Max Reinhardt once "

Max Reinhardt (1873-1943) was an Austrian director and actor who introduced new elements to German theatre through choreography, staging techniques and language. He eventually founded his own film company as well as a number of drama schools in Berlin.

Page 61. " a way of life beyond the commuting train and the Republican Party "

The Republican Party, founded in 1854 by anti-slavery expansion activists, is one of the two main political parties in the US. The party is considered right of centre, with an emphasis on social conservatism and free market economics. It is also referred to as the Grand Old Party (GOP).

Page 62. " had done marvelously well at M.I.T. "

Creative Commons AttributionM.I.T. - Credit: David Wiley
M.I.T. is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a private university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with a strong emphasis on scientific and technological research. It was founded in 1865.

Page 65. " Old Freud himself "

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) was an Austrian neurologist, best known for his theories of the unconscious mind and repression, as well as his redefinition of sexual desire. He was an early researcher in cerebral palsy and founded the psychoanalytic school of psychiatry.

Today, Freud's work is extremely influential in the fields of humanities and social sciences, and he is recognised as one of the leading thinkers of the 20th century.


Sigmund Freud on Book Drum

The Interpretation of Dreams on Book Drum 

Page 65. " when it comes to any kind of showdown we're still in the Middle Ages "

The Middle Ages refers to the period of mainly Christian European history between the fall of Rome and the Renaissance, around 500-1500AD. Often referred to as the Dark Ages or the Medieval Era, this period preceded the Early Modern Era. Famous academics of this period include Chaucer, Thomas Aquinas and Fibonacci. Some of the key events which took place during this period are: the Battle of Hastings, the signing of the Magna Carta, the Black Death and the Crusades.

Page 70. " Oat Fields had nothing whatever to do with Quaker Oats "

Quaker Oats is an American food company that was founded in 1901 by the merger of four oat mills. They originally produced oatmeal, but have since diversified into snack bars and other cereals.

Page 70. " take them to a ball game at Yankee Stadium "

Yankee Stadium
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeYankee Stadium - Credit: Kjetil Ree.
This Yankee Stadium was the home of the New York Yankees between 1923 and 2008. It was located in The Bronx, New York City. 6,581 baseball games were played at this stadium and it became one of the most famous venues in the United States. A new ballpark opened across the street in 2009.

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of the old stadium was the "facade", a white frieze that ran along the bleacher billboards and scoreboard. The stadium was renovated in 1974, causing its appearance to change slightly.


Page 73. " the grimy ordeal of subway connections to Penn Station "
Penn Station
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikePenn Station - Credit: Rickyrab

Pennsylvania Station (Penn Station) is a major rail station located in the underground levels of Pennsylvania Plaza in New York City. It is one of the busiest rail stations in the world.

Page 73. " an assistant branch managership in Newark "

Newark is a city in New Jersey. It is the largest city in the state, with a population of approximately 280,000.

It is located within close proximity of both Manhattan and Staten Island, and is home to Newark Liberty International Airport.


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Page 74. " boozing his way through Greenwich village "

Sullivan Street, Greenwich Village
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeSullivan Street, Greenwich Village - Credit: User:AudeVivere
Greenwich Village is a largely residential neighbourhood in Manhattan, New York City. Home to both artists and upper middle class families, it is bordered by Broadway, the Hudson River, SoHo and Chelsea.


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