Page 76. " That was the Depression, don't forget "

The Great Depression was a severe worldwide economic recession in the 1930s, the longest of the 20th century. Originating with a stock market crash in the United States, it spread rapidly to the rest of the world bringing severe declines in tax revenue, personal income and international trade. In some countries these effects lasted until the start of World War II.

Page 79. " He heard a deep, measured voice of the Great Plains "

The Great Plains is a grassland region in North America which lies between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains and includes parts of Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico and Nebraska. It also stretches north into Canada. The region covers an area of approximately 1,3000,000 square kilometers and was home to migrating American Bison herds until the late 1800s. The climate varies greatly throughout the year, with very hot summers and extremely cold winters. The region is of growing importance in the generation of wind power.


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Page 84. " or from the Bahamas "
The Bahamas Location
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeThe Bahamas Location - Credit: Rei-artur

The Bahamas is a country of 29 islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean north of Cuba and east of the United States. It is an English-speaking country with an estimated population of approximately 330,000 people. The capital city is Nassau.

The islands were originally inhabited by Arawakan Taino people, and were the site of Columbus' first landfall in the New World in 1492.

Page 84. " a kind of Noel Coward stage setting "
Noel Coward
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeNoel Coward - Credit: Allan warren

Sir Noël Coward was a 20th century English playwright, singer, actor and director primarily known for his wit. With over fifty plays to his name, including Hay Fever and Private Lives, Coward enjoying enduring success as a playwright. In addition, he composed songs and musical theatre works, and wrote poetry, short stories, a novel and an autobiography.

During World War II, Coward ran the British Propaganda office in Paris. In 1943 he won an Academy Honorary Award, and in 2006 the Albery Theatre in London was renamed in his honour.



Page 84. " lips forever painted in the petulant cupid's bow of her youth "

Public DomainCupid - Credit: Léon Bazille Perrault
"cupid's bow" refers to the shape of the upper lip, where the double curve resembles the bow of Cupid, the Roman god of love.


Cupid's Bow
Creative Commons AttributionCupid's Bow - Credit: Francisca Ulloa

Page 86. " with grass seed and lawn care in Roslyn, Long Island "

Roslyn is a village on the north shore of Long Island in Nassau County, New York.


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Page 94. " an expensive brick-walled restaurant on West Tenth Street "

West Tenth Street is in the West Village, New York City.


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Page 97. " They were heading vaguely towards the trees of Washington Square "
Washington Square Arch
GNU Free Documentation LicenseWashington Square Arch - Credit: David Shankbone

Washington Square in Greenwich Village is surrounded by the buildings of New York University, but remains a popular public park.


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Page 99. " Picasso prints "

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) was a Spanish artist and the co-founder of the cubist movement. He experimented with many new theories and techniques, making him one of the best known figures in 20th century art.

His most famous paintings include Guernica and Les Demoiselles d'Avignon.