"huge avalanches poured down the cliff"
Avalanche pouring down Mount Nansen
Permission Granted by Copyright Owner for Use on Book DrumAvalanche pouring down Mount Nansen - Credit: Paul Landry

Amundsen saw the same spectacle when he, too, passed Mount Nansen:

Crash upon crash, roar upon roar met our ears. Now it was a shot from Mount Nansen, now from one of the others; we could see the clouds of snow rise high into the air. It was evident that these mountains were throwing off their winter mantles and putting on a more spring-like garb.

Since Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein has been referred to many times in the book, it is also worth noting that in that book, Frankenstein, oppressed by the appalling situation of his own making, travels to icy mountains in pursuit of his monster and experiences a similar phenomenon:

The abrupt sides of vast mountains were before me; the icy wall of the glacier overhung me; … and the solemn silence of this glorious presence-chamber of imperial Nature was broken only by… the fall of some vast fragment, the thunder sound of the avalanche or the cracking, reverberated along the mountains, of the accumulated ice, which, through the silent working of immutable laws, was ever and anon rent and torn, as if it had been but a plaything in their hands. These sublime and magnificent scenes afforded me the greatest consolation that I was capable of receiving.