"We pitched camp between another two large crevasses, one of them so huge its emptiness cut back and extended far beneath us"
Campsite above yawning crevasse
Permission Granted by Copyright Owner for Use on Book DrumCampsite above yawning crevasse - Credit: AVN

Amundsen experienced a similar sensation, camping in the same spot: 

It was a grand and imposing sight we had when we came out on the ridge under which – far below – our tent stood. Surrounded by all sides on huge crevasses and gaping chasms, it could not be said that the site of our camp looked very inviting. The wildness of the landscape seen from this point is not to be described; chasm after chasm, crevasse after crevasse, with great blocks of ice scattered promiscuously about, gave one the impression that here Nature was too powerful for us. Here no progress was to be thought of.