"an Easter Island Moai"
Easter Island Moai
Creative Commons AttributionEaster Island Moai - Credit: 4umi.com

The Moai are enormous stone statues of disembodied heads with flat noses and a noble bearing which line the shores of Easter Island, a remote and isolated island in the southern Pacific.

The indigenous islanders were wiped out, anthropologists believe, because the population grew too large for the limited resources, and the once great culture - evidenced by the sculptures - imploded. Some see the fate of the Easter Islanders as a model for our growing world, with proud inhabitants who won’t learn from their mistakes and who, while capable of great art, are ultimately doomed. The Moai are seen as sentinels to the folly of man and, looking out on an empty land and a still emptier sea, are poetically at home in the lonely wilderness of Antarctica, a desert devoid of man and resonant of a future without him and without resources of any kind.