Page 226. " a very handsom present of some Italian silks "


Italian silks were considered the best silk available, silk itself being an expensive material. Flanders lace (mentioned later in the paragraph) was the best quality lace available. Crusoe is demonstrating he can afford luxury.

Page 229. " if he would ensure us from a kind of two-legged wolves "
Crusoe is referring to the Catholic authorities – at the time, the Inquisition was fully in force and the authorities dealt with all suspects violently.

The encounter with the wolves and the bear is sometimes considered allegorical – the wolves being the Catholic authorities and the bear Peter the Great of Russia, who between them held Europe under rule.

Page 241. " I may perhaps give a farther account of hererafter "

In The Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, published four months after the original, Defoe does indeed recount Crusoe’s return to his island and the events that take place with the English and Spanish men left there.