Page 178. " Maybe the Garden District then "

Garden District Home
GNU Free Documentation LicenseGarden District Home - Credit: Infrogmation
The Garden district in New Orleans is a neighborhood developed between 1832 and 1900. It is home to many historic mansions, a result of the wealthy moving to New Orleans during this time. This hints toward the wealth of Ruby's father.




Page 180. " pockets of musicians playing Dixieland Jazz "

  Dixieland music is a style of jazz that began in New Orleans. It's a combination of blues, French music, trumpet, clarinet, piano, guitar, banjo, drums, and other similar instruments.

Page 180. " It was on St Charles Avenue "

St. Charles Avenue is a street in New Orleans that is known for the wealthy homes that stand there, specifically in the Garden District. During Mardi Gras, parade routes are along St. Charles Avenue.


Wikipedia: St. Charles Avenue

Page 182. " and a poor boy shrimp sandwich "

Poor Boy Sandwich
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikePoor Boy Sandwich - Credit: Infrogmation

A poor boy, also known as po' boy, sandwich is similar to a sub sandwich. It is a typical food of Louisiana and is usually filled with meat.



Page 192. " Good evening Monsieur Andreas "

Beau's last name, Andreas, is a common last name.  Andreas is a name with Greek origins that generally means "man". It can be interpreted to mean "warrior".

Page 194. " This here five finger grass "

Five finger grass is also known as silverweed. The five fingers in the name refer to the leaf's five segments. From Nina's perspective, the five finger grass will ward off evil and bring good luck to Ruby.