Page 26. " There's dozens and dozens of art gelleries there and famous artists, too. "

New Orleans is full of art galleries, just as Grandmere Catherine says. Most galleries are owned by locals, and some even by the artists themselves. Many tourists buy pieces of artwork to take home with them as souvenirs.


Page 26. " all the rich Creoles will want one of your paintings "

Louisiana Creoles are those of mixed races. They are descendents of French settlers, African-Americans, and Native Americans. The word Creole comes from the Latin term "crear" which means "create". It was first used in reference to white French colonists who were native to the land and was later used to refer to slaves born in Louisiana. Now it is mainly used to refer to those of mixed races. This is a word that has evolved over time, and the way it is used in this novel is not necessarily accurate by today's definition.



Page 26. " my mother had favored the blue heron "

Blue Heron
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeBlue Heron - Credit: Ber'Zophus
The Great Blue Heron is a  bird found throughout North America. Ruby's mother, Gabrielle, favorted this type of bird over the others. Like Ruby, other artists have been inspired by the blue heron, such as John James Audubon.

Page 27. " I expect to have dinner at Arnaud's tonight "

Arnaud's is a New Orleans restaurant in the French Quarter on Bienville Street. The restaurant is named after and founded by Arnaud Cazenave in 1918. Inside the restaurant, patrons will find a small collection of Mardi Gras artifacts. Arnaud's continues to get rave reviews on its website.                                        


GNU Free Documentation LicenseArnaud's - Credit: Infrogmation




Page 33. " Some were eating beignets and drinking from mugs of coffee "

Public DomainBeignets - Credit: Infrogmation
Beignets are pastries made of deep-fried dough and sprinkled with powdered sugar. New Orleans is the city most famous for beignets, especially the restaurant Cafe du Monde.

Page 47. " He was shot to death on the Delta Queen. "

Grandpere Jack's great, great-grandpere was shot to death on the Delta Queen. The Delta Queen was historically used to explore and cruise around the major rivers stemming from the Mississippi River. Recently the boat was docked in Chattanooga, TN where it was turned into a hotel.