Page 60. " looked up from her needlework and nodded "

Grandmere Catherine does handicrafts she can sell at her roadside stand. Needlework is a term that encompasses decorative sewing, quilting, crochet, knitting, and tatting. While Grandmere had to sell her work at her stand, now handicrafters can sell their work on sites like Ebay and Etsy.



Page 65. " as if she had just seen one of the spirits she was employed to chase away "

Ruby is an example of a gothic horror novel. This mention of spirits is one element of a typical gothic horror novel. Other elemetns that this novel possesses that are characteristic of gothic horror are the supernatural, mansions, darkness, death, twins, curses, family secrets, villains, and a woman in trouble.


Wikipedia: Gothic Horror



Page 65. " always a wildness in your mother "

Grandmere catherine refers to Ruby's mother, Gabrielle. Gabrielle's story is told in a prequel novel called Tarnished Gold. It tells the story of how Gabrielle came to be pregnant with Paul, Ruby, and Giselle and how her fate was sealed.

Page 67. " He couldn't pass up a game of bourre "

Grandpere Jack's games of Bourre have gotten him into trouble. Bourre is a card game similar to Spades and it is a form of gambling in Cajun Louisiana. In Bourre, money goes into a pot. This is something Grandpere knows a lot about, because he frequently stuffs the pot with the money he earns trapping.

Wikipedia: Bourre