Page 77. " the showers had begun "

  Houma is no stranger to rain, though the showers Ruby narrates to the reader aren't the result of a hurricane like Gustav.


Page 93. " we'll make a Kings cake "

Grandmere decides that a kings cake is in order. A kings cake is often used to celebrate Mardi Gras or Carnival. The cakes are baked with a small object inside and there is a special task associated with the person who gets the slice of cake with the item in it.






Page 94. " One of my favorites had always been Flocking the Bride "

Ruby refers to her favorite Cajun wedding tradition called flocking the bride. This custom calls for each woman to bring a young chicken from their own flocks to the bride. While it might seem like a small gesture, this would be useful for women to earn some money for themselves from selling the eggs.


Acadian Wedding Traditions