Page 177. " Steve Earle "

Steve Earle (b. 1955) is an American singer-songwriter known for rock and country music. 

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Page 178. " broke her back at C5 and T2 "
by cm

Spinal Column
Public DomainSpinal Column - Credit: Vsion, Wikipedia Project
The 33 vertebrae in a human backbone are named by region:

Cervical (C1-C7)

Thoracic (T1-T12)

Lumbar (L1-L5)

Sacral (S1-S5)

Coccygeal (4 fused vertebrae - the tailbone)

Page 178. " Radiohead "

An alternative rock band from England, led by Thom Yorke. 

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Page 178. " Colin Powell "

Colin Powell (b. 1937) was the United States Secretary of State (2001-2005) who had to make the case for the invasion of Iraq in the United Nations.

A four-star general, he served as National Security Adviser to Ronald Reagan (1987-1989), and then as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Gulf War.

Academy of Achievement: Colin Powell

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Page 181. " yellow against green in a Howard Hodgkin on one of the chimney breasts "

Howard Hodgkin (b. 1932) is a British painter best known for his abstract work.

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Page 190. " these extremists, the Neo-cons "

Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney (b. 1941) was the United States Vice President from January 2001 to January 2009. He was a controversial figure, accused of warmongering, and thought to be the real force behind the decision-making of then President George W. Bush. Dick Cheney  Dick Cheney

Final Interview with Bob Scheiffer on Face the Nation (Jan 4th 09):


Donald Rumsfeld has had many political appointments, but in 2003 he was Secretary of Defense. He resigned from the position in 2006. 

NNDB: Donald Rumsfeld Bio

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Paul Dundes Wolfowitz (b. 1943) is viewed as one of the architects of the Iraq War. He was Deputy Secretary of Defense from 2001 to 2005. Paul Wolfowitz

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Page 196. " Robert Adam "

Robert Adam (1728-1792) was a Scottish architect and interior designer. As well as Fitzroy Square (see Setting), he also designed Charlotte Square in Edinburgh and a long list of English and Scottish stately homes.

Britain Express: Robert Adam

Great Buildings: Robert Adam

Charlotte Square, Edinburgh
GNU Free Documentation LicenseCharlotte Square, Edinburgh - Credit: supergolden, Wikimedia