Page 226. " Parkinson's Disease "

Parkinson's Disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system, affecting movement, speech and muscular control.

Parkinson's Disease Society

NINDS: Parkinson's Disease

Page 230. " He could have left him to die of hypoxia "

Hypoxia is a deficiency of oxygen reaching the tissues. Specifically, Baxter was suffering from cerebral hypoxia – a shortage of oxygen to the brain:

Medline Plus: Cerebral Hypoxia

How Stuff Works: Cerebral Hypoxia

Page 238. " in the mood for a Doc Watson imitation "

Doc Watson (b. 1923) is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter. 

Listen on Spotify:   Slidin' Delta     Whisky Before Breakfast

Doc's Guitar

Doc Watson: American Folk Music Legend


Page 242. " Nero's palace "
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Domus Aurea
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeDomus Aurea - Credit: Howard Hudson

The Emperor Nero built the Domus Aurea (Golden House) after the Great Fire of Rome in 64AD, on land formerly occupied by the city's grander houses.  It covered an extensive area, between 100 and 300 acres, across three of Rome's hills.  Much of it has not yet been excavated. 

The decor was luxurious: marble, jewels, gold-leaf, ivory and frescos by Rome's finest artists. It had 300 rooms but no sleeping quarters: the purpose of the Domus Aurea was partying, not residential.

Open to the public for a time, the site has now been closed on safety grounds.

Page 243. " a Not in My Name with a broken stalk "
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Not in my Name
Creative Commons AttributionNot in my Name - Credit: Andy Wright

Page 248. " its tough membranous inner lining "
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Public DomainMeninges - Credit: Mysid
The dura mater is the outer of three protective membranous layers around the brain (the meninges).

Dura Mater
Creative Commons AttributionDura Mater - Credit: John A Beal

Page 248. " the superior sagittal sinus "
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Superior Sagittal Sinus
Public DomainSuperior Sagittal Sinus - Credit: Gray's Anatomy