Page 255. " the arachnoid granulation "
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Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCraniotomy - Credit: Dake, Wikimedia
The arachnoid mater is a delicate membrane covering the brain and spinal cord, resembling a spider's web.

Arachnoid granulations are small protrusions of the arachnoid mater through the upper dura mater, which allow cerebrospinal fluid to pass from the brain into the bloodstream.

The image shows the arachnoid mater covering the brain, rimmed by the dura mater, the skull and lastly the skin.

Page 256. " Perowne gets Gita to put on Barber's Adagio for Strings "

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Page 257. " Emmylou Harris is singing Boulder to Birmingham "

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Page 272. " like the Eye on the south bank "
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London Eye
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeLondon Eye - Credit: Harshil Shah

The London Eye was built on the south bank of the River Thames in 1999.  It rises 135 metres high, and on construction was the tallest ferris wheel in the world.