"Walk on water"
Walking on Water
Public DomainWalking on Water - Credit: Ivan Aivazovsky

Walking on water is a phrase often used in the English language to refer to the performance of a task in an extraordinary manner or accomplish a feat that seems nearly impossible. Historically, it also refers to a miraculous deed, whether as a fact or an illusion. The most well-known reference to this phrase is in the Holy Bible, in the Gospel of John 6:16–21, in which Jesus walks on water. Some Buddhist texts, Hindu stories, the story of Ch’an Master Huang-Po, mythological tales of Orion, Horus, Macbeth, and the Aeneid and some Native American myths, also contain references to walking on water.

In the modern context, a new sport of Liquid Mountaineering that includes running on the surface of the water, is based on the claim that walking on water is not a miracle but simply dependent on the physics of buoyancy.