"and if he ever became a god"

Man becoming God is a Hindu concept, wherein the inherent divinity of man is recognized. The presence of dharma, that is self-discipline by moral rules, differentiates one man from other human beings.

According to the Hindu saint, Shankaracharya, dharma can be of two types: pravritti-lakshana and nivritti-lakshana. Pravritti dharma is the observance of the moral codes of conduct in day-to-day actions, and in the enjoyment of the senses (kama), as well as in the acquisition of wealth (artha). This is what differentiates humans from other living beings.

Nivritti-lakshana is the total relinquishing of kama as well as artha to attain moksha or salvation. This is what enables a human being to embrace spiritual practices and strive for oneness with the Universe.