"bathing at the holy ablutions"
Bathing in the Ganges
Creative Commons AttributionBathing in the Ganges - Credit: http://indian-images.cwahi.net/2009/sep/3.html

 Water has been used in the customs of many religions across the world, especially those concerning purification.

Holy Ablutions is a religious rite: the ritual washing in one of the holy rivers of India of the body or possessions, with the intent of purification, cleansing of sins, or in preparation for prayer. Holy Ablutions can be performed in the morning and evening. Water and salt can be used. Ablutions have also been performed with blood, and even the urine of the cow, a sacred animal in Hinduism.

Ablution pool at the Nakhoda Masjid
Creative Commons AttributionAblution pool at the Nakhoda Masjid - Credit: Sabih
Bathing in the sacred River Ganges is believed to purify the bather of sins. Read some of the legends related to the River Ganges.

Ablutions or washing also occur in biblical references and relate to the concept of cleansing and the absolution of guilt. Islamic ablution or Wudu comprises 26 washing movements carried out five times a day.