"he had conquered the devil"


Mara is the tempter, a devil in Buddhism, who tried to seduce the Buddha with the vision of beautiful women, also said to be Mara's daughters. Mara personifies the "death" of the spiritual life; the distraction that humans face from the spiritual path when the mundane becomes alluring or the negative seems positive. Mara can also be one’s desires that fog the mind, and has to be defeated by the person himself.

In the Pali texts, the Devadatta, a Buddhist monk and contemporary of the Buddha is considered to be the manifestation of Mara. Devadatta formed his own branch of Buddhism with 500 dissident followers. He is also said to have attempting to kill the Buddha on several occasions.

Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeDevadatt - Credit: Sacca

This picture of a wall painting in a Laotian monastery depicts Devadatta on one of his attempts to kill the Buddha by pushing a huge boulder in the path of the Buddha and his entourage. The boulder is said to have split mid-air but a splinter struck the Buddha's foot and caused bleeding.