"her fan made of peacocks' feathers"
Peacock feathers
Public DomainPeacock feathers - Credit: Peter Carson

A Sanskrit-drama dating from 200 A.C. describes a thunderstorm: "The peacocks suddenly fly upwards when they hear the noisy clouds; they beat the air as if with fans made of thousand jewels." (cit. Buss, Library No.54)

Peafowl are native the South East Asian continent and

Public Domain"A Lady Holding a Peacock-Feather Fan" oil on Canvas. - Credit: Pierre Oliver Joseph Coomans
domesticated nearly 3,000 years ago. Only the male of the species, the peacock, has beautiful, multicolored tail feathers, sporting an eye-like pattern at the tip. Each peacock sheds more than 150 feathers annually before the breeding season begins. The feathers can grow several feet long and, and are collected and sold, as fans and brooms. Sanctums, and worship rooms are swept with peacock feather brooms.

Peacock feathers represent pride, nobility and glory. Peacocks are known to eat poisonous plants and hence their feathers are considered a symbol of incorruptibility and immortality. In some traditions, it is believed that peacock feathers can be used by an individual to connect with the Universal Healing Energy to heal maladies and ailments.