"He would only strive after whatever the inner voice commanded him"

Inner voice is a thought, prompting, or expression that comes from the depth of one's consciousness. It is different from the thoughts that result from the mental processes, which are an integral part of our day-to-day life. The inner voice can exist along with our daily, mundane thoughts and can be subtle or more persistent, nudging us in a certain direction. To listen with clarity to the inner voice requires the practice, of controlling mundane thoughts through contemplation and meditation.

The inner voice can also be understood as a sixth sense or intuition. As South Africa metaphysical teacher Jimmy Henderson, says in his book, Multi-Dimensional Thinking, "Truth lies hidden in subtle clues which are only made known to us during rare moments of revelation, realisation or intuition for which we are often unable to find words, or even to understand in terms of our day to day experience. Such perfect knowledge can only be revealed in the beauty of a desert flower, the passing whispers of the wind, a fleeting impression in a forest glade, a feeling which suddenly comes over us, or even in the content of our dreams, much of which we usually choose to ignore.”