"fear of the autumn of life, fear of old age, fear of death"

"The fear of death has been rated as the most common and the second worst fear that troubles us…The fear of death is largely due to four reasons. Firstly, the fear of the unknown, secondly, the fear of losing our loved ones, thirdly, fear of pain and suffering and/or being alone at the time of death and finally, the fear of ceasing to exist or the finality of death."

- The Question about Death and Death Anxietyby Anubhuti Rattan

Gautama Buddha recommended frequent contemplation on death as an inherent reality. Death is as natural as birth, and a process in the life of all living beings.. Contemplating on death enables the individual to shed the sensual lure of worldliness.

From psychological perspective, it may not be totally hypothetical to say that fear of death motivates religious commitment. Fear of death is also known as death anxiety, and the concept of afterlife emerged to alleviate this fear.