"It is a good thing to experience everything oneself"

The only fertile research is excavatory, immersive, a contraction of the spirit, a descent.

- Samuel Beckett, Proust

While Beckett makes the above statement in the context of “the labours of poetical excavation” it holds true for any form of pursuit to acquire material, spiritual or intellectual experience.

The last sacred words of the Buddha to his disciples, emphasized on experiencing mental and physical phenomenon and things to be able address all obsessions and sensual attractions of the world with vigilance.

"All compounded things, all experiences (mental and physical), all phenomena by their very nature decay and die, and are disappointing: it is through being not-blind-drunk on, obsessed by, or infatuated with, the objects of the senses that you succeed in awakening, or obtain liberation." - interpretation by Dharmacari Jayarava