"His Self had creeped into his priesthood, into his arrogance, into his intellectuality."

"Hypocrisy, pride, self-conceit, wrath, arrogance and ignorance belong, O Partha, to him who is born to the heritage of the demons.” - The Gita, XVI. 4

Pride is an elevated sense of self-worth, of gloated self-esteemed that prevents a man from conceding to others or accepting that he can also be at fault. Pride leads to arrogance, an absorbing sense of one’s own greatness, that makes one unjustly feel superior to others. Pride and arrogance are usually driven by the False-Self, the Ego, by the illusion of being individual, of being a separate entity, strong and secure in their own right.

"...when you have a distorted view of yourself, such as through excessive pride or arrogance, because of these states of mind, you have an exaggerated sense of your qualities and personal abilities. Your view of your own abilities goes far beyond your actual abilities..." - The Art of Happiness at Work" by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler, M.D.