"the consciousness of the unity of all life"

Dr. Gustaf Stromberg considers the phenomenon of the earth's rotation “a mysterious agency which affects everything about us," and one which, with a nature beyond comprehension, permeates, unifies, and transcends the whole universe."

In the study of the science of Genetics, the common descent of all organisms is based on the similar structure of the DNA and points towards the unity of all life. All organisms, even those that are distantly related, share similar genes, and hence share many physiological, chemical, and behavioral traits, and

From the spiritual perspective, all religions assert that human intentions, thoughts and deeds have to be aligned with the ultimate cosmic plan of a unified consciousness. The Hindu scriptures advocate the pancha yajnas or five daily sacrifices for the householder. Bhuta yajna is the last sacrifice that includes feeding and serving birds and animals, emphasizes on the fact that all living beings are manifestations of the Universal Being.