"The flame did not extinguish itself"

"Yes, love indeed is light from heaven;A spark of that immortal fire.With angels shared, by Alla given,To lift from earth our low desire."- Lord Byron, The Giaour, 1813

The flame as a metaphor for love has been used in many artistic connotations. A candle flame can be used to light another candle, and so on and so forth and each flame burns with the same light and intensity as the other. Love is also also compared to burning coals, deep and intense.

"Love is a fire.It burns everyone.It disfigures everyone.It is the world's excusefor being ugly." - Leonard Cohen, The Energy of Slaves, 1972

One of the most sustained metaphors in literature pertaining to love, is the self-destruction of the moth in the flames of the undying love.

"A moth flying in black darkness 

Found a yellow flame flickering   

over a red candlestick     

On a brass plate       

Bright in the darkness   

And the moth was pleased           

At the beauty of it             

And flew around it               


And the moth fell in love     

With the flame."

- The Moth and the Flame, by Bert Byfield