"this course of events in a fateful circle"

Just as the lunar cycle affects ebb and tide, the course of many diseases and so on, so also our changing thoughts and passing feelings rise and fall, making their influence felt in many ways.”

–      W. Q. Judge's in the article "Cyclic Impression and Return and Our Evolution”

The Greek kuklos and the Hindu chakra represent the continuous cycle, or period in time. Cycles in Nature are said to be connected to the fate of the souls; according to the law of cycles, the thoughts, actions, speech, of a person affect the fate of the soul, and hence it is very important to be aware of this karmic influence on the soul.

We can change the course of our actions, by controlling our thought and defining our character during life, when the soul sojourns in the human body, and not after death. A person can use his free will only during his lifetime, but the karmic fate determines the rebirth or salvation of the soul. As poet Shelley says,

“Nothing in the world is single;All things by a law divineIn one spirit meet and mingle.”