"All of them together was the stream of events, the music of life."

Music as an art is characterized by order, rhythm, harmony and melody through the medium of sound. It is distinct from noise that can be distracting and disturbing. Music is known to have therapeutic value, and the entire Universe reverberates with cosmic vibrations that result from the movement of the planetary bodies.

The heartbeat is also rhythmic and pleasant-sounding. In an interesting experiment conducted by the Boston Museum of Science, actual digital recordings of the electrocardiogram (electrical signals of the human heart) were used to create “heart music."

Hazrat Inayat Kahn, founder of the Sufi order in the West in his book "The Music of Life" talks about the harmony that underlies and infuses every aspect of life. He observes the significance of sound and harmony, and investigates the concepts and science of breath, law of rhythm, the creative process, healing power and psychological influence of music.