"his steps full of peace, his face glowing, his form full of light"

In many religious and spiritual representations, the aura is a luminous radiation that

Aura - an artist's rendition
GNU Free Documentation LicenseAura - an artist's rendition - Credit: Aura2
surrounds the person or an object and is often displayed symbolically as a halo. A halo or a strong light extending around the body connotes a person of esteemed spiritual prowess, or holiness.

Aura or the concept of the human energy field has existed since thousands of years, in many cultures (at least 97 in number as mentioned by John White in his book, “Future Science”). The ability to see the aura of other people can be innate, or imbibed.

Professor Frank Baranowski at the University of Arizona and a specialist in Kirlian photography that captures the radiation from various hues, used scientific experiments to see auras, and investigated the aura around holy men of India. To quote Baranowski, “When a person is full of love the aura around him is blue and when the love is pronounced, it becomes pink.”