"confessed sins, asked for comfort and advice"
The Confession, Oil on canvas by Pietro Longhi
Public DomainThe Confession, Oil on canvas by Pietro Longhi - Credit: http://www.wga.hu/frames-e.html?/html/v/vivien/

Confession is the admission of one's guilt with regard to an action, speech or thought that is not compliant with prescribed social mores, customs and values. Such acts are usually categorized as sin; confession is thus the acknowledgement of sin and acceptance of the appropriate retribution.

The confession of one's faults and sins to a superior is an important part of Buddhist practice. Buddhist Sutras document cases of followers confessing wrongdoings to the Buddha.

In Hinduism the concept of confession is related to the concept of penance and repentance that leads to forgiveness of sins by Divine Grace. This forgiveness, however, may not absolve one from the consequences of the karmic thought or action.