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Kosala, India

Located in the present day Uttar Pradesh state, Kosala (Sanskrit: कोसल) region had three major cities, Ayodhya, Saket and Shravasti, and a number of minor towns. The kingdom was bounded by the river Ganges in the south, the river Gandhak in the east, and the Himalayan Mountains in the north.

Epic India Cities
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeEpic India Cities - Credit: Jijithnr

Kosala was one of sixteen Mahajanapadas at the time of the Buddha, ruled by King Pasenadi, who became a follower of the Buddha. As the legend goes, the first time the king met the Buddha, he asked, "How is it that Master Gotama claims he has gained full enlightenment? Master Gotama is both young in years and young as a monk."

 The Buddha's response reflected his wisdom, "Great King, there are four things that should not be looked down upon and despised because they are young. They are a noble warrior, a serpent, a fire and a bhikkhu (monk). An enraged young warrior may ruthlessly cause harm to others. The bite of even a small snake may kill. A little fire may become a huge inferno that destroys building and forests. Even a young monk may be a saint."