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Jetavana, India
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeJetavana - Credit: Bpilgrim, Wikimedia Commons

 Jetavana, one of the most renowned Buddhist monasteries in India, is located just outside the old city of Śrāvastī. It was donated to Buddha by his chief lay disciple, Anathapindika ("feeder of the orphans or helpless") who came to be known for his generosity. 

The Buddha spent most of the rainy-seasons (vassa) at Jetavana. The Jetavana was heavily wooded with a mango-grove on the outskirts of the monastery. In front of the gateway the disciple Anāthapindika planted the Bodhi-tree which was later called the Anandabodhi.

Jetavana is currently a historical park, with remains of many ancient buildings including monasteries and huts.