David Almond
Public DomainDavid Almond

David Almond grew up in Felling-on-Tyne surrounded by four sisters, a brother and lots of relatives. As a child, he liked to play football, camping out with his friends and messing about with his grandfather. Young David loved reading and dreamt of becoming a writer one day. Amongst his favourite books were the tales of King Arthur and Hemingway’s stories. He also read more girlie books like his sisters’ Enid Blyton books.

His was a large Catholic family and, for some time, he was even an alter boy. Both, his Catholic upbringing and the place he grew up in have had a great influence on his books.

Later on in life, he studied English and American Literature, worked as a teacher and finally began to write his first short stories. Skellig was his very first book for young people and was published in 1988. Since then, he has written several more children's novels: Kit's Wilderness, Heaven Eyes, Secret Heart, The Fire-Eaters, and Clay; and  Counting Stars, a collection of short stories based on his childhood.

Skellig has been made into a film and David’s own stage adaptation was produced at the Young Vic in 2003.

He also wrote a picture book called Kate, the Cat and the Moon.

Now he lives with his family in Northumberland.