"the Theater"
The concept of “the Theater” as a room or series of rooms in a boardinghouse (or perhaps even a brothel) in which the boys are able to witness adults engaged in sexual activity if they climb a certain tree and look in, is probably Bradbury’s own. However, it illustrates the author’s awareness of the erotic element in life, which Bradbury never writes about directly, but manages to infuse many of his tales with subtle references to its power and omnipresence. As he said in a 1967 interview in “Writer’s Digest” magazine, “I’m bored limp by writers who think that by describing a thing realistically, they’ve described it. I’m not interested in the facts, the machinery, the mechanics. I’m interested in the interpretation of those facts…. I’m interested in what sex does to us as people. This is the fire at which we all warm our hands.”