"A Manual of the Air Kingdoms . . . ."
Most of the book titles from this one through the rest of the paragraph appear to be generic names concocted by Bradbury to suggest the various areas Mr. Halloway chose in his investigation of the carnival, such as when and how it arrived in town, some of its possible tricks and techniques, and some of its members.

Most of these titles do not turn up in the Library of Congress online catalog, for example, although there was an 1897 book titled The Mystery of Sleep by John Bigelow; a novel called Between Midnight and Dawn published by Ina Leon Cassilis in London in 1885; and a book called The Witches’ Sabbath by Edward Harry William Meyerstein in 1917.

Many pamphlets and sermons by various authors in the 17th and 18th centuries, including John Bunyan, contained the phrase “torments of the damned” in their lengthy titles, for instance, Hell’s Terror, or treatise of the torments of the damned: as a preservative against security, by “that faithful minister in Christ, Christopher Love,” published in 1653.