"the new Nazi Governor General of Cracow District, this man named Frank, had made the faculty of the university to assemble in the cour de maison"

Following the invasion of Poland, the Nazis organized the systematic Nazification of the country through strategic disruption of the influential parties in the major Polish cities. The invasion proved to be only the beginning, and in late 1939 the government, cultural, ethnic, and educational centers were all dismantled. The overall plan was for the Polish homeland to be remade into another center of German nationalism. 

With the subjugation of the ruling government, the next target was the local intelligentsia. On November 6, 1939, Obersturmbannführer SS Bruno Müller ordered the the faculty of the University of Krakow to assemble for a special lecture to present the Nazis' vision for Poland. 

Upon arrival the faculty found themselves among the first casualties of the systematic deconstruction of the country. Codenamed the Sonderaktion Krakau, the professors were all taken into custody and deported to the concentration camps of Sachsenhausen and Dachau, where they were killed. 

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