"the notorious Mississippi race-baiter and demagogue, Senator Theodore Gilmore Bilbo."

Theodore Bilbo was a Southern Democratic politician who served two terms as Governor of the State of Mississippi, as well as a term as U.S. Senator.

Considered a staunch racist, he not only sought the advancement of the segregation cause, but worked hard to make his name synonymous with white supremacy. He was proud of his racist opinions, and was vocal in his support of the white supremacy movement. He believed in the inferiority of the black race, and was an active member of the Ku Klux Klan

Bilbo is said to be one of the best governors that ever served Mississippi. His progressive programs strongly benefited the community. He brought about the improvement of state infrastructure, the establishment of state-maintained roads, and the building of hospitals. However, his progressive advancements were overshadowed by his racist stance and his support of the white supremists.