Page 137. " De Rerum Natura, Lucretius "

Artist's impression of Lucretius
Public DomainArtist's impression of Lucretius
De Rerum Natura is an epic poem by the Roman author Lucretius. Written in the first century BC, It concerns Epicurean philosophy, specifically Epicurean notions of physics, such as the rule of chance and the importance of personal responsibility.


Page 138. " It's called Dangling Man "

Dangling Man is Saul Bellow's first novel, published in 1944. It concerns the life of Joseph, an unemployed man living in Chicago, as he waits to be drafted in World War II. It is not considered his best work: Bellow is more famous for novels such as The Adventures of Augie March and Herzog.


Page 140. " Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring "

This is the tenth movement from Cantata 147 by Bach, first performed in 1723. This piece of music will prove significant: see the bookmark to Page 623, "the stack of records that Sophie and Nathan had played that afternoon".

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