Page 377. " she could slosh it down with the toothy glee of a barmaid out of Hogarth "
Gin Lane by Hogarth
Public DomainGin Lane by Hogarth

 William Hogarth (1697-1764) was an English painter and engraver famous for his satirical pictures, as in his series The Rake's Progress and Beer Street and Gin Lane. His works showed the effects of alcoholism, poverty and immorality in the English eighteenth century.



Page 394. " the looting of art museums and private collections "

Looting was an integral part of the Nazi program, and valuable items were often "recycled" back into the homes of the victors as they invaded and occupied other countries. In addition to the homes, furniture, money and art of Jewish deportees, the Nazis claimed anything of value from anyone considered an enemy of the Nazi Reich. 

Frequently these confiscated possessions ended up in the private collections of senior members of the Nazi party. One such collection was that of Herman Goering (also spelled Göring), which held over 2000 individual stolen pieces, including 300 priceless paintings. 

Items were also stolen from museums across Europe. Many works of art were discovered in a salt mine in Germany after the war. It is believed that there are still unclaimed safe deposit boxes and Swiss bank accounts belonging to Nazis convicted of war crimes, which contain the last of the thefts from World War II.

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