Page 448. " they were members of the Resistance "

Resistance fighters emerged in every country that fell under Nazi occupation. Frequently referred to as "the Underground," or "the Underground Movement," these groups of insurgents set out to block the Nazis, using everything from espionage and sabotage to armed conflict. Through their efforts, many lives were both lost and saved. 

Many of the efforts to save Jewish deportees, as well as Allied soldiers or pilots, were coordinated with the resistance groups. Though loosely organized, these units sought to assist those fighting the Nazis in any manner they could.

A member of the Resistance faced one of two fates if caught: death by execution, or deportation to an extermination camp for political prisoners. Each of these, however, would have been preceded by a lengthy interrogation that would have involved the most sadistic of torture methods.

Partisan Resistance in Belarus

Polish Resistance during World War II