"a Somov aquarelle (young birch trees, the half of a rainbow - everything very melting and moist), a splendid Versailles autumn by Alexander Benois "
Sumov: The Rainbow
Public DomainSumov: The Rainbow - Credit: Sebastian Nizan

Konstantin Somov (1869-1939) was a Russian painter who worked mainly in watercolour and gouache and who belonged to the influential Mir Isskustva movement of the early 20th century. The Nabokov family owned works by Somov, which they had to leave behind when they fled St Petersburg in 1918. The works are now said to be in the State Russian Museum.

In 2007, Somov's "The Rainbow" (1927) (pictured left)was sold at Christie's in London for £3.72 million, the highest price ever recorded for a work sold at an auction of Russian art.