"On the same day, at a waterside cafe, my father happened to notice, just as we were being served, two Japanese officers at a table near us, and we immediately left"

The Russo-Japanese war lasted from February 1904 to September 1905, and was fought over the territories of Manchuria and Korea. The embarrassing string of defeats of the Russian navy fanned discontent back home, and was one of the main catalysts of the Russian Revolution of 1905.

One of Russia's most popular folk songs, interpreted by thousands of singers since it was composed in 1905, The Hills of Manchuria, (Na Sopkah Manchurii) refers to the final land battle of the War, the Battle of Mukden.

Many silent films were made of the Russo-Japanese war, both using real footage and reconstructions. The most famous films made were by Thomas Edison, whose The Battle of the Yalu of 1904 was filmed in New York.