Berliner Schnauze (De.)
endearing Berlin bluntness
political philosophy and social movement that advocates and aims to create a society without classes and in which property is commonly controlled
DDR (De.)
Deutsche Demokratische Republik (English: GDR - German Democratic Republic)
die Wende (De.)
German Reunification, literally 'the turning point'
fata morgana (It.)
a mirage
German Democratic Republic (German: DDR - Deutsche Demokratische Republik)
memento mori (Lat.)
a reminder of mortality
Mensch! (De.)
an exclamation, similar to 'Oh man!' or 'Oh God!'
member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei)
any person seeking to revive Nazism post-World War II
omerta (It.)
a code of silence practiced by the Mafia; a refusal to give evidence to the police about criminal activities
Ossis (De.)
slang: East Germans
Ostalgie (De.)
nostalgia for the former GDR; a combination of two words: Ost (east) and Nostalgie (nostalgia)
relating to Sisyphus of Greek mythology, laborious or futile
a believer and practitioner of the communist political system associated with Joseph Stalin
the Ministry for State Security (Ministerium für Staatssicherheit)
The Iron Curtain
the ideological and physical boundary dividing Europe from 1945 to 1991
Wessis (De.)
slang: West Germans