"In another hour the horns of motors began to blow down from the winding road along the low range of the Maures, which separates the littoral from the true Provencal France"


Massif Des Maures
Creative Commons AttributionMassif Des Maures - Credit: Cyklista Dalibor

The Massif des Maures is a succession of forested ridges and hills stretching from Hyères to Frèjus, forming part of the Provence costal range which starts in the east with the Massif du Tanneron near Cannes, continues west through the Massif de I'Esterel, Massif des Maures, Massif le Sainte Baume and ends with the Massif des Calanques at Marseille. Reaching 800m or 2600ft at its highest point, the Massif des Maures is bounded by the valleys of the Gapeau and Argens rivers to the north and the Mediterranean Sea to the south.