"God's not in his heaven: all's wrong with the world!"
Robert Browning
Public DomainRobert Browning

Angel Clare has rewritten poet Robert Browning's lines: "God's in his heaven/All's right with the world!" The lines come from Browning's 1841 dramatic poem Pippa Passes, which the poet intended to be the first of a series of similar pieces and which focuses on a young innocent girl who passes through a corrupt society, influencing the reprobates she meets for good.

As well as the famous lines which Angel misquotes, the poem is remembered for an embarrassing mistake near the end, where Browning writes: "Then, owls and bats, cowls and twats,/Monks and nuns, in a cloister's moods". It seems that Browning mistook the word "twat" to mean a nun's headdress, which goes to show there's hope for us all. 


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